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Black Soldier Fly Larvae (dried) - Hermetia illucens

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Hermetia illucens - Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Used for feeding carnivorous plants in addition to chickens, reptiles, fish and other animals, black soldier fly larvae is better and more nutritious than mealworms because of they are higher in protein, calcium and nutrients that are vital to animals and plants. Larvae were raised on a 100% vegetarian diet and are all natural, non-GMO, containing no additives, preservatives or fillers.

You will receive one 3" x 5" resealable craft bag containing 3 ounces by volume (~20g) of dried black soldier fly larvae, that can be kept for more than a year after opening the seal and do NOT need refrigeration or any special care. Just remove the needed worms and reseal the bag for freshness. Use as directed below, depending on your type of plant. Instructions will be included with your bag, as well.

We also offer smaller bags and fertilizers that are safe for carnivorous plants in the Accessories section here.

Black soldier fly larvae can be used for just Winter feeding of carnivorous plants, or used all year round for that extra boost of natural food.

Directions by Plant:

  • For Nepenthes or Sarracenia: Simply drop one worm in one or two pitchers, once or twice a month and allow to digest it in their digestive juices.
  • For Venus Fly Traps: Once or twice a month, break worms into the appropriate size to fit in the traps of your Venus Fly Trap, making sure not to leave any areas of the trap open to bacteria. Gently place part of worm in the trap, making sure to hit the trigger hairs at least twice in less than 30 seconds. After traps close, gently massage the sides of the trap to move the trigger hairs, mimicking the struggling of a bug so that the plant knows that it has something inside and will continue to close to make an air tight seal for digestion that will not allow bacteria in. Plant will digest what it can of the worm and then open to reveal the dried, empty shell that remains. Blow out or wait for rain or wind to blow the remains of the worm out so that the plant can start the process over again.
  • For Drosera Spatulata: Crush worms up into a fine powder and sprinkle lightly across the leaves of the plant once or twice a month.


Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis:

  • Minimum Protein 30%
  • Minimum Crude Fat 33%
  • Maximum Fiber 8%
  • Maximum Moisture 10%


Black Soldier Fly Larvae (dried) - Hermetia illucens - Sweet Leaf Nursery

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