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Five Pack of Hypoestes Polka Dot Plants in Red, White, Pink, Rose and Mixed

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This listing is for a bundle of five plants in one of each of the colors that we carry. If you are looking for an individual color, please check our other listings. We currently carry Red, White, Rose, Pink, and a mixed pot.

Hypoestes phyllostachya - (The Polka Dot Plant, Freckle Face Plant) is a tropical evergreen perennial subshrub in the Acanthaceae family, native to south east Asia, South Africa and Madagascar, specifically. They are not toxic to fuzzy pets but will make your pet sick if ingested. These plants are reptile safe, but the leaves are delicate and easily damaged, and your reptiles may harm the plant by jumping on them or walking across them.

Nerve plants produce colorful green leaves with splotches of beautiful, vibrant color coordinating with the color of the plant being purchased. Nerve plants bloom in Spring with tiny blue or pink flowers, which most people will typically pinch off to increase the energy going to the plant, and hopefully prolong their lives as their vibrant leaves are where the true beauty lies. Great plant for terrariums and fairy gardens, as houseplants or as bedding, or can be put in a hanging planter. Pinch off shoots that grow 12 to 15” long to encourage a fuller and more bushy plant. Plants will arrive in a 2 inch plastic nursery pot or a 2.5” terra cotta pot for an additional charge and in maturity, plants can grow to be 12 to 20” tall with proper care and will trail up to 20” or spread up to 9 inches.

Species likes to be indoors when temps dip below 61 degrees F. Cold hardy outdoors year round in Zones 10 - 11, in bright shade. Normal room temperature inside is ideal. Easy to grow, these plants like indirect light, but also thrive in low light conditions. However, lack of light can cause the plant to lose or decrease the size of their splotches and develop solid green leaves. If your plant seems to be reducing the amount or size of colored splotches, it can be placed in bright shade a few hours a day in early morning, or after the sun is most harsh during the day. Soil should be kept moist in Spring and Summer, reducing watering during Fall and Winter, but not allowed to dry out. During the Spring growing season, fertilize with a weak liquid fertilizer with bloom encouraging micro-nutrients. Mist or place on a tray of rocks or pebbles to increase humidity. See our care guide for more detailed instructions.

Unboxing Instructions: When plant arrives, pot will be in a bag or wrapped to reduce soil loss. remove paper and packaging materials and cut out of bag or wrapping and water thoroughly. Repot in a peat based, light fast draining soil. Any leaf tips that are lost during repotting should be placed back into the soil to propagate and help to make the plant fuller and more bushy.


Five Pack of Hypoestes Polka Dot Plants in Red, White, Pink, Rose and Mixed - Sweet Leaf Nursery
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