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Pilea Depressa ‘Baby Tears’

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This item cannot be shipped to AK, AZ, CA or HI at this time. All orders from those states for this item will be canceled. Please message us for details and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Pilea depressa ‘Baby Tears’ is an evergreen plant in the Urticaceae family. They are native to Brazil and Mexico. Pilea depressa is a vining plant that grows low to the ground and climbs or trails over the sides of hanging baskets. Perfect for fairy gardens and terrariums, their tiny ¼” scalloped leaves grow on vines that are green to light pink. Their foliage is thick for a vine and makes a lush carpet on the surface of the soil. Growing 3 to 6 inches tall without climbing and will grow several feet long without pruning. Flowers white, small and emerge in Spring from May to June.

Pilea depressa should be kept consistently moist but not muddy to prevent rot. Soil should be kept damp, like a wet sponge, and should not be allowed to dry out. Plants will arrive in a 2 inch pot, fully rooted in peat and perlite, and approximately 8 - 12 inches long. Plants can be cut and water propagated and planted back into the pot you are growing it in to make it fuller and more lush. Cold hardy year round in zones 10 to 12, they should be protected from frost in Spring but can live outside in temps ranging from 60 to 85, but prefer temps from 60 to 70.

Plants prefer bright, indirect light or partial sun so that they don’t burn up. Repot it moist, rich, well draining soil and fertilize with a balanced liquid fertilizer that has been diluted once per month. Be sure to read the care guide included with your plant to ensure proper watering and care. You can email us for details.


Pilea Depressa ‘Baby Tears’ - Sweet Leaf Nursery

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