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MaxSea - 16-16-16 - Carnivorous Safe Plant Fertilizer & Scoop

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MaxSea is a kelp-based fertilizer that is safe for use with most carnivorous plants when diluted in concentration from the typical recipe and used as a foliar feeder (meaning you only spray it on the leaves and lightly in pitchers). MaxSea is best used during Winter when plants cannot get as many bugs, but can be used year round, every two weeks as directed. Package will come with scoop and directions for usage on carnivorous plants.

If you are looking for bugs for Winter feeding or just in general to give you plants the extra boost of nutrition, please check out our every growing Accessories section located here.

You will receive one 3" x 5" resealable craft bag containing 3 Tablespoons of fertilizer and a scoop that measures 1/4 of a teaspoon, the appropriate amount for fertilizing carnivorous plants. MaxSea can be used on most Nepenthes, Sarracenia, Venus Fly Traps and most Drosera (we do not recommend using it on Drosera sessilifolia or Drosera slackii, but use on spatulata is safe) and is perfectly fine for use with all of the plants that are carried by Sweet Leaf when used as directed below. Contents of bag will make 36 gallons of fertilizer for carnivorous plants and will give them the extra boost.

Directions for use: Tear open package and measure out one level scoop of fertilizer with the provided scoop. If you lose your scoop in the future, a level 1/4 teaspoon is perfectly safe, but we provide a scoop because it smells funny and some people don't like to use their cooking utensils for their fertilizer.

Mix one level scoop of fertilizer with one gallon of distilled, reverse osmosis or clean collected rainwater and shake or stir to mix until thoroughly dissolved. Pour mixture into a spray bottle or garden sprayer and mist the leaves of your carnivorous plants, avoiding spilling it into your potting medium and allow the plant to absorb the nutrients. Repeat this process every two weeks, being careful not to overfeed them. We recommend misting them every other weekend to help remind you of when to feed.


MaxSea - 16-16-16 - Carnivorous Safe Plant Fertilizer & Scoop - Sweet Leaf Nursery

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