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TDS and Temperature Meter

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When growing carnivorous plants it is imperative that the water that is used for them has a low level of TDS to prevent it from harming your plants. TDS is short for "total dissolved solids." Dissolved solids are any anions, cations, metals, minerals, and salts that are dissolved in the water. Some salts include bicarbonates, calcium, chlorides, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and sulfates. These are the things that cause your terracotta pots to get the white or grey build-up on the outside of the pots. By checking the TDS level of your water before using it on your plants, you can ensure that you are giving them the safest water available. This meter will also give you the temperature of the water to ensure that you don't harm the roots by giving your plants water that is too hot or too cold.

Recommended TDS levels for Nepenthes is no higher than 100 PPM, and 50 PPM for drosera, Venus Fly Traps (Dionaea muscipula) and Sarracenia.

If by using this meter you find that your tap water is below the recommended TDS level of your plants, you could save money by not being forced to purchase distilled or reverse osmosis water to accommodate your plants' needs. And you will also have it handy when testing new types of bottled water for appropriate TDS levels.

This meter can be used as a warning to have your water professionally checked for arsenic, lead, aluminum and other metals. A high reading does not necessarily mean that those things are in your water, but may serve to push you to have your water tested by a professional for an accurate breakdown of the exact amounts of each contaminant.

A TDS and temperature meter is a digital meter that measures the amount of total dissolved solids in liquids and their temperature. This meter will test the water that you are using on your plants and tell you how safe the water is based on the amount of dissolved minerals and salts that are concentrated in the water, as well as testing the temperature to ensure that you do not shock the roots.

Simply turn on the meter and dip the tip of it into a sample of the water you want to test. Press the "HOLD" button to get a digital reading of the part per million of total disolved solids in the water and hold the button while taking it out of the water to keep the number where it was when it was in the water. For temperature readings, simply hold the "TEMP" button.

It's important not to submerge the whole meter in water! Submerge only the testing end!

This TDS meter is accurate within 1 PPM. It comes with a soft case with hook and loop closure for storing your meter and reducing moisture that it is exposed to from the air, prolonging the life of the meter. Meter also comes with batteries included and already installed which can be replaced. To replace the batteries, simply turn it over and lift the top off and replace the two button style batteries in the top. Meter also includes an auto-off function to turn your meter off after 10 minutes without use, to preserve battery life.


Winter Shipping

96 hour HEAT PACKS are available under the Accessories category. Due to the colder weather and the postal delays from Covid-19 and the increased number of packages during the holidays, we are only offering the larger, 96 hour heat pack and are upgrading all orders with a heat pack to Priority to hopefully ensure that the heat pack is still working upon arrival.

If the daytime temperature in your area or mine is below 45 degrees, we recommend a heat pack. If your area is going to be extremely cold, then you may need two heat packs. If you do not want to include heat packs during cold weather, then you take full responsibility if your plant freezes. We may check the weather between South Carolina and your location, and send a message to recommend adding a heat pack. We do not leave our plants outside for the post office to pick them up and instead take the plants to the post office before the postal truck comes at 4pm so that they are not sitting outside in the elements. We want to provide you with the highest quality plants possible and between our cost and the extra added cost of shipping, there is no mark up on heat packs and they are simply provided as a service to ensure your plants arrive safely.


They last at least 96 hours. Due to mail delays, we are only offering the 96 hour heat pack at this time. For an additional $7 charge, we are offering a shipping upgrade to priority shipping with an included heat pack. We cannot be responsible for plants that were damaged by extreme cold where a heat pack was not purchased, so please check your weather and take postal delays into consideration.


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TDS and Temperature Meter - Sweet Leaf Nursery

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