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Purple Waffle Care Guide

Unboxing Instructions: When plant arrives, pot will be in a bag or wrapped to reduce soil loss. remove paper and packaging materials and cut out of bag or wrapping and water thoroughly. Repot in a peat based, light fast draining soil. Any stem tips tips that are lost during repotting should be placed back into the soil to propagate and help to make the plant fuller and more bushy. 

Purple Waffle photographed from above

Hemigraphis alternata - (Purple Waffle Plant) is a semi-spreading, semi-aquatic, tropical perennial in the Acanthaceae family from Java. They are non-toxic and fuzzy pet safe, as well as reptile safe.   

Purple Waffle plants produce 2-4” leaves that are a dark green, almost black on the tops and a dark purple on the bottom with puckering and divots to increase surface area. Purple waffle plants bloom in Spring with insignificant white flowers on small spikes and can be pinched off to save the plant’s energy. They are purchased for the beautiful purple color and odd leaves. Great plant for terrariums and fairy gardens, as houseplants or as bedding. Plants will spread as ground cover up to 8 inches and will grow up to 10 inches tall. Plants will arrive in a 2 inch plastic nursery pot or a 2.5” terra cotta pot for an additional charge when available and should be repotted in a fairy garden, terrarium or 4” pot upon arrival.

Species likes to be indoors when temps dip below 55 degrees F. Cold hardy outdoors year round in Zones 10 - 11, in bright shade. Normal room temperature inside is ideal. Plants prefer bright indirect light and do not care for direct sun. Easy to grow, soil should be kept moist at all times and not allowed to dry out. Plants can be submerged temporarily, but they are not aquatic plants and will dissolve if kept submerged for long periods of time. Plants get very dramatic when under watered but will perk back up if watered in time. Fertilize monthly with a weak, balanced fertilizer during the growing season from Spring to Fall. Plants can be misted daily or placed on a tray of rocks or pebbles to increase humidity.  Message us for a link to our care guide for more detailed instructions.

To propagate, use a clean sharp knife or pair of scissors to cut off the end of a stem that is actively growing, and then put that stem into a pot of moist soil. Keep soil moist at all times and your cutting will grow and start pushing out new leaves soon! 

If you have any questions or we can be of any help when you get the plant or in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Like/follow our Facebook page to see what new plants are available as they get ready throughout the year! 

Remember: No care guide is going to be perfect for every situation. Plants in rainy Seattle will have different needs than plants in hot and dry New Mexico. We recommend that all customers read their care guide thoroughly, follow the instructions, listen to what your plant is telling you about what it needs and adjust accordingly.