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Coffea Arabica - Multiple Live Rooted plants in a 2.5” pot

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Coffea Arabica (the Coffee Bean Plant) is a tropical evergreen shrub in the family Madder from Ethiopia. They contain saponins, which means they are not fuzzy pet safe, but from what I can tell, they are reptile safe (however, you should consult someone with more expertise with your animal). Coffea Arabica produce lightly fragrant star shaped white flowers and bright, shiny green leaves. In maturity, plants can grow to be up to 15 feet tall and will produce coffee beans with appropriate care. Multiple plants will arrive in one 2.5 inch pot, fully rooted.

Basic Care:

  • Species likes to be in humid, tropical like conditions and cannot handle temps below 55 degrees F or will drop leaves. Cold hardy outdoors year round in Zones 10 - 1.
  • Temps between 70 - 80 degrees is ideal.
  • Plants prefer bright indirect light with partial shade and will not do well in full sun.
  • Soil should be kept moist but not muddy and the plant does not like to dry out. Be sure to read the care guide included with your plant to ensure proper watering.
  • Fertilize once a month during the growing season from Spring to Fall.
  • Mist or place on a tray of rocks or pebbles to increase humidity.

For more detailed care instructions please see our care guide.Β 

Unboxing Instructions:

  • When plant arrives, pot will be in a bag or wrapped to reduce soil loss,
  • Remove paper and packaging materials and cut out of bag or wrapping and water thoroughly.
  • Repot with appropriate peat based soil when needed.
  • Plants have delicate leaves which may be damaged in transit, but once established in their new pot they will push out new leaves rapidly and dead leaves and stems should be pruned out at the soil line after new leaves have emerged to keep up their beautiful appearance.
  • If your plant looks sad upon arrival, don't panic and just follow the care guide or message us and we will help you to get your plant looking amazing in no time!


Coffea Arabica - Multiple Live Rooted plants in a 2.5” pot - Sweet Leaf Nursery

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