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Drosera Filiformis

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Drosera filiformis or the Thread-Leaf Sundew is a carnivorous plant in the Droseraceae family that are native to North America, and grow natively in the Florida panhandle and from North Carolina up to Nova Scotia, Canada. This type is the east coast variety which are more of a green leaf with pink/red tips, as opposed to the Florida variation that has more red in the leaves and is darker in color. They are fuzzy pet safe.

  • Drosera filiformis is one of the largest drosera in North America, forming a rosette with long leaves growing straight up towards the sky, covered with hairs and sticky dew that attract bugs as well as snatch them right out of the air as they fly by.
  • Growing up to 6 to 8 inches tall, filiformis leaves start at the bottom as a small curled pinwheel of leaf, and unrolls in spirals as it reaches upwards and stands straight.
  • Flowers are a light purple and are self-pollinating, growing seeds that need cold stratification to germinate.
  • Plants will arrive in a 2.5 inch deep pot, fully rooted and in the correct medium.
  • Plants will form hibernacula that can be used to propagate more plants in Spring before the plants start their Spring growth.

Basic Care

  • Drosera filiformis need a dormancy period in Winter and should only be given rain, reverse osmosis water or distilled. 
  • Cold hardy, they should be protected from frost in Spring but can live year round outside in growing zones 6 and up, and should be protected after going dormant in an unheated shed or garage in zones 5 and below. Their native zones are 6 and 7, and may have to be helped into dormancy in zones 9 and up.
  • Plants prefer bright, indirect light or limited full sun so that they don’t burn up.
  • Here they are kept in a bog under pine trees, mimicking the natural environment of the plant in both temperatures and location.
  • If you decide to repot, these plants should be potted in 50:50 a mix of peat moss and perlite and given boggy conditions, sitting in water that goes about a quarter to a half inch up the side of the pot.

Be sure to read the care guide included with your plant to ensure proper watering and care. Never feed people food or fertilize unless you are an experienced grower and use the proper fertilizer! You can email us for details and purchase fertilizer which is available in our shop.


Drosera Filiformis - Sweet Leaf Nursery

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