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Large (3.5") 'Mini Pink' Fittonia albivenis verschaffeltii

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Large (3.5") 'Mini Pink' Fittonia albivenis - Known as "The Pink Nerve Plant" the pink fittonia is a spreading tropical perennial from Peru. They are non-toxic and fuzzy pet safe, as well as reptile safe. We currently carry the fittonia in Red, White and Pink. These pink-veined nerve plants have many beautiful qualities:

  • 'Mini Pink' Nerve plants produce 1-2” green leaves with a netting of pink colored veins or nerves.
  • Nerve plants bloom in Spring with tiny yellow or pink flowers on small spikes, but their vibrant leaves are what put on the real show.
  • The Mini Pink is a great plant for terrariums and fairy gardens, as houseplants or as bedding, or can be put in a hanging planter and allowed to trail.
  • Plants will spread as ground cover or will trail over the sides of hanging baskets and planters if allowed free reign. Pinching off shoots that grow leggy will encourage the plant to grow fuller and more bushy.
  • Your Mini Pink will arrive in a 3.5" plastic nursery pot. In maturity, plants can grow to be 3 - 12” tall with proper care and will trail or spread up to 18 inches.

Basic Care Tips:

  • The Mini Pink likes to be indoors when temperatures dip below 55 degrees. Cold hardy outdoors year round in Zones 10-11, in bright shade. Normal room temperature inside is ideal.
  • Plants prefer bright indirect light and don't care for direct sun.
  • Keep the soil moist. Nerve plants get very dramatic when under watered, and the Mini Pink is no exception. In time they will perk back up if watered.
  • The Mini Pink does not like cold water. Allow water to sit out until reaching room temperature to avoid shock.
  • Mist or place on a tray of rocks or pebbles to increase humidity.
  • During the Spring-Fall growing season, fertilize weekly with a very weak, balanced fertilizer.

See our care guide for more detailed instructions.

Unboxing Instructions: When plant arrives, pot will be wrapped to reduce soil loss. Remove paper and packaging materials and cut out of wrapping and water thoroughly. If repotting, use a peat based soil in a small pot, as Nerve plants have shallow roots. Any leaf tips lost during repotting can be placed back into the soil to propagate.


Large (3.5") 'Mini Pink' Fittonia albivenis verschaffeltii

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