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Osmocote - 14-14-14 - Carnivorous Plant Food

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Osmocote is a pellet fertilizer that is safe for use with carnivorous Sarracenia and Nepenthes. It is a time release fertilizer that we have available in 14 - 14- 14 strength.

If you are looking for bugs for Winter feeding or just in general, to give you plants the extra boost of nutrition, please check out our ever growing Accessories section.

You will receive one 3" x 5" resealable kraft bag containing 3 Tablespoons of fertilizer made up of tiny time-release pellets. Osmocote can be used on most Nepenthes & Sarracenia. Nepenthes should be fertilized with one pellet in a pitcher once they are large enough to handle it without burning up, such as the medium stage. For Sarracenia, put for pellets in each pot at the beginning of Spring and once again in four months and then allow to go dormant when the time comes.

Directions for Use:

For Nepenthes: Place one or two pellets in each pitcher that appears. Three may be used on large pitchers. If using two pellets burns the pitcher, then leave it alone and let it continue to absorb what is available in that pitcher and then decrease to one per pitcher for a while, until they get bigger. While you may lose that pitcher, the plant will still benefit from the fertilizer that is absorbed by the plant. These are time-release pellets and will only need to be given to each pitcher once in the entire life of that particular pitcher.

For Sarracenia: Push two to four pellets in the soil of a 4” - 6” pot in the Spring and then four more again in four and a half months, at the halfway point of their nine months outside of dormancy. Only fertilize twice per year and four and a half months apart. We do not recommend soil feeding for any other type of carnivorous plants. Better to foliar feed the others with Maxsea.



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