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Sarracenia × catesbaei

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Sarracenia × catesbaei (S. purpurea × S. flava) is a naturally occurring hybrid pitcher plant that is infrequently found in sandy bogs, wet seeps and savannas in coastal plain areas from Virginia to Florida.

Sarracenia are the American pitcher plant. They are native to the East Coast and the Gulf Coast area of the United States and some provinces in the southern area of Canada. Plants produce a sticky substance on the mouth of the plant that attracts bugs who stop to eat it and fall inside where it is difficult for them to climb back out. Sarracenia have been found with murder hornets inside, but they are safe for fuzzy pets and reptiles, provided that they are not too small to get back out, if they fall in. While they are sent semi-bare root, they are pictured in a 3.5" pot, about 5" tall from the soil line. That is the size you will be getting and not just 3 inch babies straight out of a plug tray.

We do not cut off the pitchers prior to shipping. To prevent as much damage as possible, plants will have their pitchers rinsed out and will be sent semi-bare root in a moss plug, with additional loose moss around it to retain moisture. An empty pot and enough carnivorous soil to fill the pot is included for a small additional charge. If you must have them already potted, please contact us so that we can work out the cost of shipping, as they are extremely heavy when shipped in wet soil, and extra precautions must be taken to prevent the weight of the pot from destroying the plant.

Species likes to be in humid, tropical-like conditions. Cold hardy outdoors year round in Zones 7 - 10 and with protection in Zones 5 and 6. Sarracenia can handle a full range of temperatures as long as it does not remain frozen and is allowed to thaw during the day time. They can handle temps in the 90s in Summer and temps as low as 20 degrees during dormancy. Plants prefer FULL sun and truly need to be outside. These do not make good plants for indoors, as they will not be happy and want at least four hours of direct sunlight per day. Plants require a dormancy period of 3 to 4 months in the Winter time and should be kept inside an unheated garage or refrigerator during dormancy in zones outside of 5 to 10. Soil should be kept consistently moist and plants should be placed in a carnivorous mix of peat moss, perlite and maybe the addition of some coarse sand in a dish of water going a half an inch up the side of the pot. Do not use compost of fertilizer, as it will kill your plants. They developed the ability to eat bugs because of a lack of nutrients in their native soil. No matter what, never let this plant dry out! Be sure to read the care guide included with your plant to ensure proper watering and care. Never fertilize or feed people food.


Sarracenia × catesbaei
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