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Sempervivum Five Pack Bundle

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Five rooted and potted succulents in the Sempervivum genus. You will receive an assortment of five Sempervivum (hand selected and packaged by Sweet Leaf) in two inch plastic pots. Sempervivum are cared for as any typical succulent and thrive on neglect. Water every 10 to 14 days when your plant is showing signs of thirst. Sempervivum do best outside or if inside need strong bright lighting conditions, such as with the use of a grow light. If succulent starts to stretch then it is not getting enough light. Light is one of the most important factors in keeping your succulents healthy and looking beautiful. Repot in a succulent mix with coarse sand mixed in, or make your own mix with one part perlite, two parts coarse sand and three parts potting soil or peat.

Upon arrival, carefully remove all paper surrounding your leaves and cut out of the plastic baggie holding the soil in and replace any soil that has fallen out of the bag. Water, if needed, and acclimate your plant to the light. Your plant will have been on a long journey in the hands of people who do not care about it as we do, so it may need a day or two to perk back up. Plants may not be the same varieties in the photos.



Five pack of sempervivum

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